Quick DIY Ramadan Banner

Hi everyone! It’s been a very, very long hiatus, but I’m just about done with graduate school and hopefully able to devote more time to the blog! This post will definitely be a departure from my food posts, but now that I have the time, I’d love to get back into crafts. Ramadan is in two days … More Quick DIY Ramadan Banner

Sham el Nessim

شم النسيم sham el nessim, which translates to ‘smell the breeze,’ is an egyptian national holiday that commemorates the start of spring. its origins and name stem from shemu, the ancient Egyptian season of harvest.  sham el nessim falls on the monday after orthodox easter, this year, on may 02; its date is subject to change annually and … More Sham el Nessim


فريكة freekeh is roasted green wheat and is popular throughout the levant and north africa. it is similar to bulgar and can be used to stuff vegetables and meats as in hammam ma7shi, as a side or in soups, stews, and salads. it is very hearty, high in protein and has four times as much fiber … More Freekeh

Arabi Sweethearts

  !عيد حب سعيد arabic is an incredibly romantic language and as can be imagined, a lot gets lost in translation. when I was dating my now-husband, he would often try to swoon me with his lebanese dialect, narrating love poems and lyrics, but all to no avail. although I had been learning arabic formally … More Arabi Sweethearts

Shish Taouk

  شيش طاووق shish taouk is probably one of the most recognizable lebanese dishes around. these marinaded chicken kebabs are a grilled staple for most both in the middle east and in the diaspora; they are served at most middle eastern restaurants and alongside kafta, are a summer barbecue favorite. feel free to add or omit spices in the … More Shish Taouk


although consumed throughout the middle east, and regions surrounding the mediterranean sea, tabbouleh is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of lebanese cuisine. it’s a cold salad-like dish, often served as a meze. its colors are like that of the lebanese flag: red, white and green.  parsley, tabbouleh’s main ingredient, is … More Tabbouleh